Overview of US online gambling.

Traditional, land-based casinos have been fighting a battle for several years now. The enemy is online casinos, who are able to offer the same (or better) games without players having to leave the comfort of their homes. While traditionalists prefer the buzz and glamour of a casino, the new wave makes gambling super easy- you can even play on a mobile phone. However, not all countries are allowing this new activity.

America is one such country which has some confusing laws regarding online gambling. For a long time, gambling was entirely illegal in some states, but over time there have been legal developments which have changed this. American citizens in some states can now gamble online and use sites outside of the USA. This huge, growing market is blowing the online gambling world open. More sites are appearing all the time, able to offer the latest video slots, including comic book themed slots.

What is the legality of gambling in the United States?

There is a great deal of confusion about this matter and it does cause issues for gamblers. However, the fact that American online gamblers are on the rise in a big way shows that people are playing online regardless. The government has little to no interest in prosecuting individuals anyway, only sites or companies which contravene the laws. As it stands, the federal law (a nationwide law as opposed to state law) against gambling only forbids sports betting, not online gambling. Individual states have to decide whether or not slots can be played.

New Jersey famously pioneered online gambling, making it legal while welcoming site owners and developers with open arms, creating more jobs and opportunities. When in doubt about your own state, simply check online. Always be sure of the legal risks before gambling online and also note that most states will still require gamblers to be 21 or older. The restrictions in some states have led to players seeking casinos outside of the country. There are many sites which exist outside of the US and yet still happily welcome US players and handle the dollar currency.

What else affects online gambling in the US?

Americans in restrictive states often have to seek sites elsewhere to play on, which has an effect on things like transaction speed and finding suitable sites. Still, the internet is a huge place and there are already hundreds of sites that cater to US players. American players may able struggle to find sites which accept American Express cards, but most accept MasterCard and Visa. E-wallet services are probably the best way to go, with Bitcoin in particular being popular with American players for its complete anonymity.

On the plus side, American players generally speak English and the vast majority of online casinos default to this language. Some also support Spanish. Speaking to support advisors should be easy for Americans. The majority of sites also accept USD or United States Dollars. In fact, sites in countries with other currencies usually take USD too, so American players rarely have to worry about conversion. There is no shortage of sites which cater to Americans and offer high quality games, from live dealer roulette to the video slots.

What should I look for in a US online casino?

With many US players having to look outside of the country, it’s important to look at a site’s license, wherever it may be based. US-based casinos should have a license from the state of origin. While it is not strictly necessary to play licensed sites, you enjoy a measure of safety from the fact that they are regulated by a government and subject to laws. Further safety can be assured by using only casinos that have third party checkers, such as eCOGRA, who examine and approve sites for fairness.

Another safety protocol which is important is encryption. You should be able to find sites with a security certificate verified by your browser and which use SSL encryption to protect your details against hackers. Finally, simply look for the best games! You can shop around at various sites, claiming many welcome bonuses, for the best slots and promotions. Check out the casinos mentioned on this site for some top comic book slots.