The Incredible Hulk Slot Review

  • The Incredible Hulk Online Slot
  • Powered by Playtech
  • 20 Paylines in Game

Overview of the Incredible Hulk slot.

Everyone knows The Incredible Hulk, a comic book character with a long history and a recent boom in popularity thanks to major feature movies. From television to movies and games, the Hulk has undergone a lot of changes, but his huge muscles and green skin make him instantly recognisable. It’s no wonder that he’s made it to the list of comic book characters to become slot games.

This slot is part of a series of Marvel slots by Playtech and features the same super power progressive jackpot. It has excellent artwork, with animated symbols on the reels and a 3D feel to the characters. This slot has a whopping 50 lines and 5 reels, which may put off people who are new to video slots, but it’s actually very straightforward. The animated Smash Bonus is great for letting rip with the Hulk’s famous rage. Let’s look closer at this popular character and the slot game.

Who is The Incredible Hulk?

The Incredible Hulk is one of the oldest heroes out there, created by the famous duo Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appearing way back in 1962! The Hulk is actually two characters, because he stems from his alter ego Bruce Banner. Banner is a quiet, reserved scientist, very different from the Hulk, who was exposed to gamma radiation and mutated. Now, when suffering stress or fear, he turns into the huge Hulk, a beast with immense strength and rage. Banner lives in fear that he will become the Hulk at the wrong time and hurt someone innocent.

The Hulk therefore represents two sides of people, the wild and the civilised, not unlike Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. This gives the character more depth that a casual observer might think! Hulk moved into television in the 70s, played by Lou Ferrigno, then he starred in two movies, which used a CGI Hulk. Finally, he appeared in the new Avengers movies, with Banner played by Mark Ruffalo. His catchphrase is ‘Hulk smash!’.

How does it look?

The graphics of the Incredible Hulk slot are top notch, looking and playing very smoothly. The top of the slot has icons for the four Marvel jackpots, plus a logo, which changes to display hints. The slot has a lot of animation, with the symbols moving when they land wins, but it’s fairly subtle except for the Hulk symbol which roars at the screen. The main symbols are drawn as cracked rocks befitting the theme of smashing, plus there are police cars, helicopters, beakers of green goo and a radioactive symbol.

The Hulk symbol itself is fittingly wild, so you know if you see him then you could be in for a big win. The best-looking part of the game is definitely the Smash Bonus, which puts you on a city street, with the Hulk surrounded by police cars and helicopters. This really looks smart and you’ll be surprised by the detail and animation. This is where the Hulk shines!

How does it play?

This is a 5-reel slot but it stands out for having a huge 50 paylines, more than double the average. You can choose to play fewer lines, but who plays the Incredible Hulk and doesn’t want to go large?! The radioactive symbol is the most valuable of the standard symbols and the wild Hulk substitutes for all others except the scatter. This is an expanding wild, taking over the whole of the third reel if he lands on the middle, plus giving you 2 respins. If he lands on the three middle reels simultaneously, he tears the reels open and fills the screen! This is classic Hulk and a clever idea.

The logo scatter symbol can award you 10 free spins with a x3 multiplier, very handy indeed, but the main attraction is the Smash Bonus. Land this on reels 1 and 5 to go to the streets and start smashing! If you can smash three out of seven cars you win cash. Smash one out of three helicopters to get a multiplier. You can also randomly get the Hulk Rage extra feature, smashing all the cars at once! This bonus round really captures the feel of the Hulk’s awesome power.