Overview of Romanian online gambling.

Casinos have been moving from land-based to online for some time now, as people all over the world opt to play online. While land casinos still have their benefits and die-hard fans, especially among those who want to full nightlife experience, online casinos can offer a lot of convenience and a big game selection. Romania is one country which has seen a big shift in this direction, aided by the fact that online gambling is legal in this country.

Romania has had a national lottery since 1906 and despite a period where gambling was illegal under communism, the nation now has a healthy gambling industry and people are free to play online wherever they like. Online gambling followed in recent years and how you’ll find a growing community of slots and poker fans. Despite a few complications affecting local casino sites, it’s easy for players in Romania to find the best comic book slots online.

What is the legality of gambling in Romania?

After the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu’s communist regime in 1990, the first legal casino opened very soon after in 1991. This led to a boom in land casinos, but online gambling was still technically illegal for a long time. The move to legalisation started with the creation of a National Gaming Office or NGO in 2013. The problem with this new body is that they required sites to be registered in Romania in order to get a license, but they were not a regulatory body themselves. Despite this wrinkle, the country now has sports betting, online slots and land casinos.

EU laws have caused some complications blocking the regulation of Romanian casinos, but recent changes have made it easier for operators to get licences. Even without local online casinos, the internet largely negates this problem, letting players access sites all over the world. There are operators in other countries which are perfectly happy to cater to Romanian players. The important thing is that it is legal for the player and even if sites get prosecuted by the government, players do not and can gamble in peace.

What else affects online gambling in Romania?

The legal status of online gambling in Romania means that players are often forced to look outside of the country, but there’s no need to be surreptitious or worry about prosecution. Sites which do operate on Romanian licenses have to pay considerable tax, so it may result in smaller promotional pots or welcome bonuses, but this is only in extreme cases. There are plenty of sites out there which accept Romanian players and the government will not stop this.

Having to seek sites outside of the country can cause a language barrier, but there are sites which are adapted to make this an option. Translation services like Google Translate are very useful for this purpose too. On the downside, Romania does tax winnings from online gambling. This even includes small amounts, though this is subject to change. Small amounts will only have to pay around 1% but big wins could be up to 25%. Players may also find that seeking sites outside of Romania leads to longer waits for transactions or ID checks to be approved with new sites.

What should I look for in a Romanian online casino?

Romanian players will probably want to seek out casinos which offer the RON currency, the Romanian New Leu. There are a few sites out there which specifically offer this currency. Romanians can also easily find casinos with broad payment options, such as debit and credit card and e-wallets. Services like Skrill are a good choice as they are international. In addition, look for sites which can offer Romanian language text. This will make life a lot easier!

The next thing to look for in a new casino site is security and safety. You want a casino with some kind of encryption protecting your personal information from hackers, usually in the form of SSL. A clear licence is important too, which you can usually find at the bottom of the site. Many sites also use third parties to confirm their fairness too, such as eCOGRA, giving players an extra level of trust.