Playing Download Software Online Casino Games

What is a downloaded software online casino?

Many new online casino players are confused when they first encounter a site that requires a software download. This seems to blur the line between playing online and playing traditional computer games, which are installed to your machine. While most online casinos are moving away from downloads, several still use this method or offer it as a choice.

This downloadable software, often called a ‘client’, is essentially an interface through which you play the games. Instead of using your browser, you run the client. This has a mixture of pros and cons which we’ll take a look at, such as install space, convenience and compatibility. Some players are put off by downloads, but the fact is that they can be beneficial. Remember that they can always be removed too; all the reputable casinos covered on this site use responsible software practises, so you won’t be stuck with the client on your machine.

The benefits and drawbacks of downloaded software.

Many players prefer to avoid downloads and play games directly in their browser. However, the fact that some online casinos offer downloads as a choice, as a benefit to players, shows that downloading software can be preferable. The choice is simply between having a small program installed on your machine (they tend to be no larger than 300 MB) or playing games through your web browser. The latter is instantly available, but the former can solve certain problems.

One such problem is speed. Computers with limited memory, or which simply aren’t well optimised for playing flash games, can struggle with browser based slots. They take a while to load each time and can appear jerky. Some browsers don’t run them well, too. Alternatively, downloaded software runs using all the power of your PC, as if it were a video game. This can make a big difference for some players. Another benefit is that downloading one time can be better than having to load the game afresh each time, which can cost you a lot of data if you’re on a limited connection.

Should I download software from a casino?

This question usually arises due to trust problems. There’s no fault in being sceptical of offers to download software onto your machine, as disreputable websites will use this to install programs you can never get rid of, malware which fills your machine with adverts. Worse still, some spy on your activities. Thankfully, when you use a licensed and reputable casino such as those reviewed on this site, any downloads are just there for the sake of running games. They can be removed with the usual control panel options for uninstalling programs and games.

If you’re still in doubt, remember that sometimes make downloading software a choice and others don’t use it at all. You can always try a different site or see what games can be played in your browser first. Downloading can then be a choice later on, once you decide to stick around on that site.

Getting started with downloaded software.

You should have no difficulty in locating a casino’s download option. Usually it will be mentioned along the top navigation bar of the site, or in the promotions area. The best sites have a guide to help you through this process, so also look for a ‘downloads’ section. Typically, once you click the button to begin downloading, you’ll receive a single file. The next step is to run that file, which will be a typical program installer. This will guide you through the process of deciding where to install and it will tell you how much space is needed.

The installation process typically takes a matter of minutes. After that you’ll have an icon to start the software, somewhere on your desktop. Double click this and you’ll be asked to log in with the same details you use on the main site (or register if you’re still new). The client will have most of the same options and controls as the main site, such as an account section and support information. Now you should find your games much quicker to find and run. Enjoy playing your comic book slots in style!