Beginners Info to Online Casinos and Slots Gambling

Here at we’re dedicated to telling you all about the hottest comic themed slots. However, some people will arrive here without any experience with online slot games. If you’re new to slots or you’ve only played a little, we’ll explain more about this booming phenomenon. From signing up to learning the ways of video slots, we’ve got it covered.

Online slots are hosted by online casinos, which really aren’t all that different to traditional casinos, except you can play in the comfort of your own home! Even traditional casinos are making the move into electronic slots, so playing remotely over the net is the next logical step. They use special, provable methods to recreate randomness. These online slots or ‘video’ slots use the latest graphics to present attractively drawn games. That’s partly why comic book slots are popular, because their artwork can now do justice to the comics and films.

What’s so great about online slots?

There are several reasons why online slots and online casinos in general have taken off. Firstly, there’s the simple fact that electronic games can do a lot more than the old school mechanical slots. They can be updated, they can be more interactive and they can play animations. This is why even land-based casinos now use electronic slots (also called video slots), with few still having machine slots. Online slots simulate randomness with a Random Number Generator or RNG, which produces millions of numbers of any size, so the game can pluck one out and use it to calculate if each spin is or a winner or not. These systems are independently tested for fairness, so all the casinos you see on this site are those which have been given the seal of approval from an independent body.

The next thing you’ll notice about video slots is what makes them so great for comic book crossovers- the features. When you land certain symbols, you get bonus rounds, which trigger animations. This might just be short and sweet, or it could be a whole extra scene you dive into, like a mini-game. All of these have more ways to win, usually involving free spins. You usually win jackpots through these feature rounds too.

The basics of video slots.

Video slots tend to have five reels, moving up from the three reels seen on traditional arcade machines. The extra reels work just like the others but allow more possibilities. In game, you’re usually hoping to get a series of matching symbols from the left to the right. You start from the leftmost reel. Around these you will have controls like bet size and auto bet, which will make the reels spin automatically until you stop them.

What may confuse some new players is the bet lines, because with video slots you don’t just want a matching row across the middle of the reels. You might also win for a row on the top, or diagonal. Modern video slots have many lines and combinations, but you can see these by clicking on the Paytable or Info button. The important thing to note is that betting on more lines will multiply your bet amount, because each line is a bet.

How do I get started?

To play these slots you simply have to visit an online casino and make an account. Look for the registration section and enter your details. You’ll usually get a cash welcome bonus too, doubling your money! This process only takes minutes and once you’ve entered all the information, you won’t have to enter it all again next time. You can also deposit using e-wallets like PayPal and Neteller if you don’t want to share your card information online.

There’s nothing more to it. If you get stuck or confused, check out our other guides, or ask the support staff on the casino you’ve chosen. Most have live chat support, or a phone number. Most sites let you play the games in demo mode first, just to get a feel for the game, so you can learn by experimenting. You can use your free welcome cash as a kind of demo mode too, learning the ropes and trying all the games. Why not try a quick spin today?